Libertarian Party of Queens County

Libertarian Party of Queens County

How Can Libertarians Win in New York State?

LPNY Core Principle

Free Your Mind, Free Your Vote

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Financial accountability and transparency for the MTA

A more affordable New York (lower property taxes)

Support small businesses

Limit the necessity for multiple jails by ending the drug war

Free and fair elections

Chaos in DC Brings Corruption to NYC

Libertarian Party Presidential Debate Hosted by the South Carolina Libertarian Party

Run with Us: A Packed House

Run with Us

April 28, 2020: First-Ever Libertarian Party presidential primary in New York State​​

Happy Birthday, Libertarian Party!

Take Action Today to Protect Your Voter Options in NY

Protect Our Ballot Access

5 Solutions the Public Advocate Should Deliver for New York City

Pride 2019

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