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LPNY Leadership Changes

LPNY Leadership Changes

Libertarian Party of New York
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News Release
Contact: W. Cody Anderson
LPNY Public Engagement Chair
Date: April 15, 2020


Jim Rosenbeck Resigns as Chairman of Libertarian Party of New York

BATAVIA, New York, April 15, 2020 – The Libertarian Party of New York announced today that Interim State Committee (ISC) Chair Jim Rosenbeck has resigned for personal reasons, effective immediately. Pursuant to the Party’s rules, First Vice-Chair Tony D’Orazio will succeed Mr. Rosenbeck as Chair, and Second Vice-Chair Tucker Coburn will succeed Mr. D’Orazio as the First Vice-Chair. The vacant Second Vice-Chair position will be discussed and filled according to the party rules at a future ISC meeting.

Chair-Designate D’Orazio says, “Jim Rosenbeck has been a great leader and a good friend, and I’d like to personally thank him for his hard work for the Libertarian Party all these years. Because of his work, we are now well-positioned to continue our rapid growth.”

Mr. Rosenbeck served as the Chair of the newly-formed Libertarian Party of New York following Larry Sharpe’s historical showing for the party in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election. He also previously served as Chairman of the Free Libertarian Party, Inc. in 2018, and as a Vice-Chairman the preceding three years.

Mr. D’Orazio served as the First Vice-Chair of the ballot-access Libertarian Party of New York since its creation. He also previously served as Vice-Chairman of the of the Free Libertarian Party, Inc. in 2018, and as a member at-large the preceding two years.

For more information about the Libertarian Party of New York, visit Facebook at, Twitter @LPNYOfficial, Instagram @LPNYOfficial, or their website,

LPNY Selects National Convention Delegates

LPNY Selects National Convention Delegates

Dear Friends and Fellow Libertarians,

The Libertarian Party of New York is pleased to announce its delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, to be held in Austin, Texas from May 21 through May 25, 2020!

The rules of the national Libertarian Party set each state’s allocation of delegates to the Libertarian National Convention. New York is allocated 48 delegates in total, the fourth largest delegation overall. All Libertarian Party presidential campaigns were responsible for submitting to the New York Board of Elections a list of delegates and alternates from each of New York’s 27 congressional districts, leaving 21 delegates and their alternates. to be selected by the LPNY.

Last September, the LPNY put out a public call for statements of interest from those who wished to represent New York at the LP National Convention. Once it became clear that Jacob Hornberger was the de facto winner of our primary, the LPNY was able to proceed with selecting those interested delegates and alternates who were not already selected by the Hornberger campaign. The list of primary delegates and their alternates selected by the LPNY appears below.

The list of Hornberger delegates and alternates as it currently stands also appears below. The Hornberger campaign is reaching out to their delegates and alternates to confirm interest. We expect the Hornberger campaign to release an updated list soon. We will share it with you as soon as it is available.

In Liberty,

Jim Rosenbeck
Chair, Interim State Committee
Libertarian Party of New York

Delegates Selected by LPNY

Debra Altman
Steve Becker
Kari Bittner
Mark Braiman
Tucker Coburn
Fred Cole
Tony D’Orazio
Pietro Geraci
Mark Glogowski
Paul Grindle
Jim Harris
Andrew Hollister
Andrew Kolstee
Steve Minogue
Lora Newell
Tom Quiter
Jim Rosenbeck
Jeff Russell
Paul Sechrist
Larry Sharpe
Duane Whitmer

Alternates Selected by LPNY

Rachel Becker
John Caulfield
Roger Cooper
Anthony Decubellis
Kevin Delaney
David Desanto
Veronica Diver
Dan Donnelly
Kathy Glogowski
Stoner Horey
Deb Kerr
Peyton Kunselman
Mike Long
Kenneth Mulvena
Chris Olenski
Anthony Pellegrino
Ilya Schwartzberg
Charles Senrick
Alison Story
Karyn Thompson
Sean Wells

Delegates Selected by Hornberger Campaign
(subject to change)

Daniel Abosch
William Anderson
Lythia Becht
Shaun Cahill
John Clifton
Robert Cocomello
Aaron Commey
Richard Cooper
Brianna Coyle
Jose Garcia
Shawn Hannon
Leslie Harris
Deborah Law
Carl Liggio
Adam Magoon
William McMillan
Alex Merced
Leonard Morlock
Jeffery Motta
George Ostrowski
Jon Ott
Susan Overeem
Christian Padgett
Mark Potwora
Blay Tarnoff
Raymond Wasnieski
Kevin WIison

Alternates Selected by Hornberger Campaign
(subject to change)

John Amato
Michael Arcati
Mark Axinn
Devin Balkind
Harold Barnett
Erin Becker
Kari Bittner
Gerrit Cain
Justin Carman
Nicholas Castellano
Cipriana Costello
Thomas Cruz
Robert Glomboski
Jonathan Gunther
Rebecca Lau
Brandon Lyon
Mathew Mahler
Stephen Minogue
Trevor Sammis
Larry Sharpe
Dan Singer
Adam Spence
Enmanuel Torres
Gregory Torres
Vito Ubaldini
Vladimir Vizner
Kevin Warmhold

Governor Cuomo Revives Ballot Access Hurdles in Budget Legislation

Governor Cuomo Revives Ballot Access Hurdles in Budget Legislation

for immediate release by the LNC on 04/01/2020

Dear Friends and Fellow Libertarians,

Your Right To Vote Libertarian Is ONCE AGAIN Under Attack!

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: A source tells us Andrew Cuomo has SUCCEEDED in inserting the same recommendations into the 2020 New York State Budget to that were created by the unconstitutional “Public Finance Commission” and struck down by Justice Ralph Boniello on March 12, 2020. He rightly tossed out the law that established a “Public Finance Commission” with the purported intent of creating a system of publicly financed campaigns. Its other goal: to destroy the Libertarian Party and other minor parties in New York by changing the state’s ballot access requirements to be among the most restrictive in the nation. Now, Governor Cuomo and the legislature’s leadership are trying to bring the commission’s recommendations BACK TO LIFE by using the current COVID-19 crisis and budget legislation as cover.

Call your representatives in the state Assembly and Senate today and tell them that the legislature must reject the budget legislation based on the Commission’s December 1, 2019 report that undermines a New York voter’s choice of political party. It is essential that this is shot down now, or there may be no more Libertarian Party after November, 2020.

We need you to do the following, now:

1. Look Up The Contact Information For Your Representatives In The NY State Assembly and Senate.

Click here to look up your elected representatives. Enter your full address and then click “submit.” When the window reloads, select the results tab labeled “State” and then scroll down to see your representatives in the Assembly and Senate, along with their contact information. (Note that you may need to close an email signup form in order to see the address lookup box.)

2. Call Your Representatives.

Tell Them: “My name is ________ and I am a constituent of Assembly Member/Senator ___________. I want more political choice in New York State, not less. I am counting on you to demand that the legislature reject the proposal to insert into the budget the Public Campaign Financing Commission’s recommendations making New York’s ballot access laws for grassroots parties like the Libertarian Party among the worst in the nation. NY voters want and deserve diverse political parties that reflect their perspectives.”

3. Email Governor Cuomo, Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Speaker Heastie

Click here to email Gov. Cuomo and tell him no!

Email the Leaders of the Legislature:

Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie:
Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins:

“Dear Gov. Cuomo/Speaker Heastie/Leader Stewart-Cousins,

My name is ________ and I am writing to tell you I just got done calling my representatives in the state legislature to tell them I want more political choice in New York State, not less. As a legislative leader, it’s time for you to reject Gov. Cuomo’s attempt to insert the Public Campaign Finance Commission’s recommendations into the state budget legislation. Those recommendations will make New York’s ballot access for minor parties like the Libertarian Party among the most restrictive in the nation, and create a public financing plan that spends taxpayer dollars needlessly and frivolously at a time when the state cannot afford it. NY voters want and deserve real campaign finance reform and diverse political parties that reflect their perspectives.”

4. Tell Us All About It!

Tell us who you contacted and how it went.

5. Spread the word.

Forward this email or share this page online! Tell them why this must be stopped.

The Libertarian Party of New York is counting on you!

In Liberty,

Jim Rosenbeck
Chair, Interim State Committee
Libertarian Party of New York

Statement from the Libertarian Party of New York Chair on Petitioning and COVID-19 Virus

Statement from the Libertarian Party of New York Chair on Petitioning and COVID-19 Virus

originally released for distribution on 03/15/2020 by LPNY

Statement from the Chair on Petitioning and COVID-19 Virus

Dear Friends and Fellow Libertarians,

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to speak with many of you directly over the past few days. We are experiencing unique and unpredictable times as a party and as a nation. First and foremost I wish to extend my thoughts and prayers for each of you and for your families as we navigate our way through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus.

Your concerns about changing political petitioning and filing deadlines are shared not only by Libertarians but across political party lines. Please be assured that the LPNY Interim State Committee will respond to changes in the political deadlines in a thoughtful and timely manner that places the utmost importance on the health and safety of our membership.

As you may already know, Governor Cuomo has signed an Executive Order that reduces the minimum number of petition signatures required to 30% of the normal thresholds. The petitioning period will now end at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17 — two weeks earlier than planned. We have not heard if the deadline for filing petitions will similarly be changed.

Fellow Libertarians have expressed important concerns about this abbreviated petitioning period and the impact that this will have on both candidates for public office and judicial district candidates for our 2020 state committee. Local leaders are being hit with “what if” queries that we and other political parties are simply unable to answer quickly at this time. I assure you that we will strive to keep you informed and manage these challenges.

As we move forward, I ask that we all prioritize health and safety over politics. In the big picture political parties and elections are concerns that pale in comparison to people and families. Lets not rush and act impulsively in an attempt to meet the governor’s new petitioning deadline. We will sort these issues out after we have collectively defeated the COVID-19 virus. That is our number one priority.

Thank you,

Jim Rosenbeck
Chair, Interim State Committee
Libertarian Party of New York

Ballot Access Problem Hotline: COVID-19 is Affecting Ballot Access Drives Across the Country

Ballot Access Problem Hotline: COVID-19 is Affecting Ballot Access Drives Across the Country

originally posted on the Libertarian Party website

COVID-19 is affecting ballot access drives across the country

The Libertarian party wants to hear about your ballot drive problems while petitioning. We’re looking for affidavits from

  • Petitioners who had to stop working because they were worried about their health.
  • Petitioners who found that people were unwilling to sign because of Corona fears
  • Voters who are unwilling to sign petitions because of health fears

Please help us by telling us your story going to

LPNY Ballot Access Victory – Court invalidates “Public Finance Commission”!!!

LPNY Ballot Access Victory – Court invalidates “Public Finance Commission”!!!

originally distributed by the Libertarian Party on 03/12/2020


Today, voters in New York were handed a huge victory in the fight for ballot access!

The New York Supreme Court on Thursday tossed out the law creating a commission that recommended the creation of a system of publicly financed campaigns, and with it the provisions making it harder for minor parties to get on the ballot.

Justice Ralph Boniello wrote in the ruling the measure creating the panel is “an improper and unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority.”

We agree! Minor political parties in New York State, including the Libertarian Party, the Working Families Party, and the Green Party, would have needed to qualify for ballot access twice as often, with three times as many votes as previously required!

New York voters whose beliefs and priorities do not align with the two major parties would have been irreversibly disenfranchised. And $100 million of taxpayer money would have been handed to the Republican and the Democratic politicians. This is a huge victory for voter choice, government oversight, and the LPNY!

Make no mistake, King Andrew will appeal this decision. So we need to be ready to fight for our survival, yet again. We need your support more than ever!

In Liberty, and with sincerest thanks,

The Libertarian Party of New York

Sign a Petition for a NYC Candidate

Sign a Petition for a NYC Candidate

originally distributed on 02/25/2020

If you are an enrolled Libertarian in New York City, we need your signature to get Libertarian candidates on the ballot! The petitioning period begins February 25 and ends April 2. You can check to see if you are a registered Libertarian here:

We need to meet you in person in order to get your signature.

Please join us for petitioning kickoff at our Liberty Happy hour tonight at 7 pm. We will have petitions for you to sign. You can also sign by attending our next monthly business meeting on March 10.

If you can’t make it, we will come to your residence, place of work, or wherever to get the signature. Please reply with your contact info or fill out this form: so we can arrange a time to meet you in person.

Rebecca Lau
Vice Chair,
Manhattan Libertarian Party

Take Action Today To Protect Your Voter Options in NY

Take Action Today To Protect Your Voter Options in NY


The Libertarian Party jumped the hurdles that the Democratic and Republican Parties created for competing parties to gain ballot access in NY. We worked hard in 2018 to have the Libertarian party listed on the ballot and on voter registration forms. Now that we’re growing rapidly, with historic candidate wins on the Libertarian line in 2019 and rapid growth in voters choosing the Libertarian Party on their voter registration forms, the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to rig the rules to stop us.

With blatant disrespect for you and all voters, Albany legislators created the Public Campaign Finance Commission, appointed their friends as the commissioners, and gave them authority to change election laws. This Public Campaign Finance Commission voted to make the qualification process for ballot access up to 3 times harder under the guise of setting up a campaign public financing program. The Commissioner Jay Jacobs has a significant conflict of interest in setting up these more challenging rules for smaller parties.  Jacobs was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, is coincidentally the head of the state’s Democratic Party, and served as de facto chair. Unless the Albany legislature acts to intervene now, the Commission’s votes will become law for 2020.  
Albany’s Democratic and Republican representatives want to eliminate all competing political parties by making it 3 times harder for smaller parties to get on a ballot access and to maintain that ballot access over time…and then they want to funnel $100 million per year of your hard-earned tax money into campaigns of their own candidates.  Do not let them eliminate your voting options.


As soon as you can TODAY, go to and do the following:
  1. Call or email your representatives in the NY Assembly AND the NY Senate. We will help you look up their phone numbers or emails and help you with what to say.
  2. Fill out the web form to tell us how you did.
  3. Spread the word. Only your voices can stop this. With all of us working together, we hope to prevent these election changes from going into effect in 2020.
  4. Donate to the Libertarian Party of New York so we can combat this absurd legislation, including preparation for a potential costly legal challenge.
  5. There is strength in numbers. Get more friends and family to change their party to Libertarian on the NY Voter Registration form – this is one of the things we fought so hard for.  It takes 2 minutes to change your party online.  Be sure the NY Board of Elections has you coded properly. We hear every day from voters whose party is still not properly listed as Libertarian. Check your party online now.
Tell your friends, coworkers, and family members that if they have EVER wanted more parties and perspectives to choose from on Election Day (and millions of voters do), then they need to speak up NOW.  Share the FairVote page. Regardless of their political party, ask them to act today.



Cuomo and his Democratic and Republican cronies on this Commission don’t know who they are messing with. They are not counting on you and tens of thousands of Libertarians and allies standing up for this party we have fought so hard to build.  If you value your personal freedom, if you value honest competition and innovative ideas for government, if you want to stop this blatant attempt to squash competition, then make the time to take action today. Our momentum will not be stopped.

No matter what political party you align with, thank you for helping to protect choices and fresh ideas in elections.

Protect Our Ballot Access

Protect Our Ballot Access

taken from


Call or email them both with this information:

I am a voter in your district and I do not support the Campaign Finance Commission’s efforts to destroy the Libertarian Party and other parties in New York that aren’t Democratic and Republican. I am enrolled in the (INSERT YOUR PARTY HERE) party. The Democratic and Republican Parties are in control of every aspect of the rules for their political competitors and cheating those other party competitors is unacceptable. I deserve to have choices and I want to be able to tell my friends and family that my representative didn’t try to stay in power by cheating your smaller competitors.


(Your full name)
(Your mailing address)
(Your email)
(Your phone number)


 Go here


Share the link to this page with everyone you know and ask them to take the same steps. It doesn’t matter what your current party is. Millions of voters say that a strong third party is vital. Please help make sure that New York doesn’t lead the country in restricting the rights of voters to have those options.


Donate to the Libertarian Party of New York today so we can be ready quickly for potential costly legal battles.

  • PayPal
  • Or send a check made out to “Libertarian Party of New York” to:

Libertarian Party of New York
PO Box 1627
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