Legal Update from the Libertarian Party

Legal Update from the Libertarian Party

for immediate release by the LNC on 05/12/2020

The Libertarian Party successfully won our lawsuit in Illinois that has guaranteed us ballot access in that state for 2020. Now that legal precedent is being used in other states as we face greater challenges than ever before.

It is nothing new for the Libertarian Party to be bringing legal challenges against dozens of states regarding laws used to restrict third parties from being placed on the ballot. However, in this altogether new world we find ourselves learning to live in now, the arguments for doing away with arbitrary requirements are perhaps stronger than ever. Outdated methods of proving support, such as collecting paper petitions from people on the street or by going door-to-door, are finally being seen as unnecessary, especially when a global pandemic makes them flat out impossible to achieve.

In the last few months, we have introduced LPTV — an online resource that allows us to keep Libertarians informed and connected. This last week we had a fantastic panel of ballot access experts, Special Counsel to the LNC, state chairs, and activists to discuss all of the current legal battles and appeals that we are fighting.

You can watch the entire episode here.

We have seen many examples during this crisis showing how government overreach and overregulation stifle innovation and prevent creative solutions to the problems we face. The same is true for burdensome and unnecessary ballot access hurdles that stifle competition and prevent real voter choice in America. That was of course their intended purpose, but now being viewed under the magnifying glass of the courts, they are not holding up to scrutiny.

We are fighting to remove or reduce currently impossible requirements for minor parties to achieve ballot access, not just during this pandemic, but for future elections.

Active Legal Battles

Libertarian Party of Minnesota

Doe (Texas)

Libertarian Party of Maine

Arizona Libertarian Party

Raffensperger (Georgia)

Merrill (Connecticut)

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