Introducing: LPTV

Introducing: LPTV

for immediate release on 04/08/2020

Everywhere we look we see the same familiar talking heads who bring the news, many just relocated to an office or living room. No matter how drastically our world seems to be changing, the messages our media is bringing haven’t seemed to change at all.

It’s exhausting and it’s offensive. Those we should be able to turn to for accurate information when our representatives make decisions that harm the American people, we now can only count on to confirm our biases, or make us laugh at their dishonesty.

You don’t have to settle for that noise anymore. Last week the Libertarian Party launched LPTV; an online platform for timely and relevant discussions on the subjects that actually matter and affect Americans right now. Health information, discussions of economics and free-market solutions should not be colored by tribalism and buried by meaningless platitudes.

Real Libertarians talking about real solutions. That is what we aim to bring you.

We are so excited by this new venture and we hope will join us. More content will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months, but for now you can tune in for Town Hall Thursdays at 7PM ET and even drop in and chat with us during our Friday LIVE Happy Hour at 5PM ET. You can also make a contribution directly to the effort of building up this project so that more are reached every week. People need to hear that there are those out there defending their liberties in the midst of this crisis — the Libertarian Party has always done just that, and we are doing it again now. Please tune in, share with your friends and family, and support us if you can.

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