Can You Answer This Jeopardy Question Correctly?

Can You Answer This Jeopardy Question Correctly?

for immediate release on 04/14/2020

We think this one might be too easy for you.

Across the country last week, people shouted out “Who is The Libertarian Party” when this answer was uncovered on Jeopardy! As we are particularly proud of our 2016 ballot access victory, we couldn’t have picked a better fact to broadcast.

We did make history in 2016, and we are determined to secure back-to-back 50-state + D.C. ballot access by doing it again in 2020. That goal is currently in jeopardy though, and we need your help right now.

We have had some very recent successes in our ballot access fights.

  • In Texas, after multiple appeals from the Libertarian Party of Texas and the Libertarian Party legal team, the governor granted a temporary suspension of election law that mandated their nominating convention to happen in April, during a statewide “stay at home” order.
  • In Connecticut, we have successfully gotten all petition signature requirements waived for the 2020 election!

However, there are more battles on the horizon. We are currently in court in Illinois and Georgia to remove signature gathering requirements. Amazingly, there are governors who still want to have petitioners standing on street corners asking passers-by to sign a petition. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, this was an outdated method for gaining ballot access; now it is downright foolish and dangerous.

In many other states, we are appealing to have petitioning requirements removed or relaxed and we will be ready to take any of those to court as well if they are not granted. This unforeseen global crisis will not lead to a crisis of voters’ rights as long as the Libertarian Party has anything to say about it. It is more vital than ever before that there is a third option for all of us.

Please support our goal of 50-state ballot access for the Libertarian Party. Only with all of us working and fighting together will we overcome those who want to take advantage of voters in the midst of a health crisis. The two old parties have let every single American down — we need to give everyone the chance to tell them that.

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