Happy Birthday, Libertarian Party!

Happy Birthday, Libertarian Party!

from the Libertarian Party newsletter

The Libertarian Party of the United States was founded on December 11, 1971, in Colorado Springs. A group of determined Liberty advocates led by David F. Nolan spent five months meeting, debating, and amending what would become the Libertarian Party’s first platform. Recognizing that the Republicans and Democrats had abandoned the original principles of Liberty the American founding fathers had set forth, this group, including John Hospers, Ed Crane, Manuel Klausner, Murray Rothbard, Roy Childs, Tonie Nathan, and Jim Dean, formed a party dedicated to the ideas of all markets being completely free.

Today we are celebrating our 48th birthday and the great gift bestowed upon us and the nation by our party founders — and we hope you will celebrate the day in Liberty.

In 2014, the Libertarian Party began working to purchase a headquarters and established the David. F Nolan Memorial Building Fund. Rent in the DC area has always been extremely high, so purchasing a building saves valuable resources and builds equity for the party’s future. As of November 2019, we have paid off over 80% of the building and 68% of the mortgage! We currently still owe approximately $160,000.

Our physical office location in Alexandria, Va., allows us to be headquartered in the center of the political world and has been a key asset in growing our influence and legitimacy in the last few years, as well as giving our team a home in which to organize. Your gift will be felt by decades of future Libertarians who will go on to grow the party and advance our principles. Ownership of a building in this ideal location will ground us in the work that we do and give a permanent home to those who cannot find a comparable vehicle for liberty with any other party in the political universe.

At the end of an already thrilling year, we have been given an opportunity that will allow our efforts and our funds to be much more focused in 2020 and the gains we will fight for and win.

We are so excited to announce that a gift has been offered to us of up to $60,000 toward the Libertarian Party’s building fund to match any of the birthday gifts you give to the building fund.

This opportunity will double any birthday gift to the Libertarian Party you make and could even allow us to pay off our mortgage in 2020!

Please consider making whatever year-end gift you can to our building fund to help us take advantage of this matching gift!

Thank you, Francisco. From a living room in Colorado to where we are today, we are so grateful for your partnership and your support. We cannot wait to kick off 2020 as our best year ever, once we end 2019 with another victory.

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